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SamanthaStarfish – Dirty Diaper Shit Girl

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SamanthaStarfish – Dirty Diaper Shit Girl

bbw diaper shit

I am such a dirty girl! Watch me shit in my pretty little diaper! What a naughty little girl I am!

I love to talk dirty in my pretty scat videos!

After playing in my dirty diaper I open it up for you to see! There is a huge turd in there!

I grab the entire huge turd and stuff the whole thing in my mouth! Mmmm! It taste so good! I masturbate and rub my pussy while I suck on the huge warm turd!

I use my shit to draw on my big tits!

Then I put the shit back in my diaper and sit in my shit! My butt gets covered!!!

I sniff my shit filled diaper as I rub my pussy until I cum for you!


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