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SamanthaStarfish – Lick My Filthy Shithole Huge Ass

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SamanthaStarfish – Lick My Filthy Shithole  Huge Ass

SamanthaStarfish  Huge Ass shit

Look at my dirty ass and shithole! Do you like my poopy chocolate starfish? It looks so tasty doesn’t it? Do you want it? Do you want to taste it?

Your job is to clean my shithole. I just had the most amazing dirty fun without you. You don’t get to have any sexy fun with me. Your only job is to clean up after. Look at how shitty my big sexy ass is! You need to clean my filthy shithole! Clean it with your mouth! Lick and suck my shithole. Eat all the smeared poop off of my juicy ass cheeks.

You’d clean my ass no matter how much shit was plastered there, right? What if I had just had the most amazing scat sex with my boyfriend and he came all over my ass. Would you lick my shit and his cum up? What if he had cum up inside my shithole. Would you still clean my shitty ass and suck out his cum? I bet you would! Because you’re a dirty, filthy shit loving shithole licker!


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