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Anasteisha KatyaKASS Shitty dinner with Teddy

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Anasteisha  KatyaKASS  Shitty dinner with Teddy

Anasteisha KatyaKASS Shitting video

Oatmeal, sir? NO! Stop! There’s no oatmeal in my videos!!! Just my shit and nothing else. To begin with, my friend Teddy loves me very much and I love him.And I decided to have dinner with him What I do. I take a new clean diaper, I put it on and poop in it, everyone shows it to the camera, then I wipe my ass with a rag, but it’s no good because it’s still in the shit. I take a diaper with my shit and poke it in my face. Then I eat my shit with my face dirty! Then I masturbate myself with my shit. The video I am accompanied by Ted and I’m talking.It’s all crazy sexy and shit. The finale…

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