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Mommy Turns Her Boy Into Her Toilet Slave With Loverachelle2 Shit Girl [Fullhd 2020]

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MOMMY Turns Her Boy Into Her TOILET Slave with LoveRachelle2 Shit Girl [FullHD / 2020]

This is scat incest FANTASY custom video, and the imaginary son here is described as being an adult who’s about to move out of his parents house, all “little boy” talk is for humiliation/degradation purposes only*

Mommy explains to Daddy that she’s been thinking about her husband’s wish for their son to be trained to worship and eat his mother’s poo just like daddy does, and she admits that she’d think it would actually be really hot to watch their special boy smelling and swallowing his own mommy’s shit. Mommy sets a potty down and explains to daddy that it will be the perfect thing to feed their son out of until he’s well trained enough for mommy to poo directly into his little toilet mouth. Then squatting over the potty with her hole clearly visible she pushes out their boy’s first poo poo meal, commenting after on how stinky her steaming shit is and teasing that it’ll be a good reeking test of her special boy’s potential as a little toilet! Mommy tells daddy all the nasty toilet-slave plans she has in store for their son to make it a filthy-fun family scat activity, and orders him to go and fetch their son while mommy’s shit is still nice and hot~!

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