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Leticia Miller Castle Kaviar MFX

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Leticia Miller Castle Kaviar NewMFX

Leticia Miller scat movie

This is another best seller on the Bizarro category, as usual exclusive MFVIDEO Queen Letícia, commands 3 slaves. First Bel and Karla are obliged to make their homework, sucking and licking the Queen’ shoes, after that they have to lick the Queen’s Feet, they are trampled without mercy by their Queen, and they also have tosuck her pussy and anus, Letícia orders them not stop and they have to make that at the same time, besides that they are still slapped on the face by Leticia as a form of humiliation. The Queen makes all of that, so their slaves can later receive Fantastic Drink that belongs to Flavia, the other slave who came to the castle to visit our Queen, and also wants to participate of the distribution of the purest Kaviar that is put into Karla’s mouth, after that you will find facesitting scenes, suffocating facessiting spreading Kaviar all over, after that Queen Letícia offers her precious Kaviar to Bel who observes everything, the slave kisses Karla’s Mouth dividing all their satisfaction, Queen Letícia demands that Karla absolutely eats everything, without leaving any vestige.

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