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SamanthaStarfish – Be My Shit Eating Valentine

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SamanthaStarfish – Be My Shit Eating Valentine Clips4sale

SamanthaStarfish Shit Eating video

Do you want to be my Valentine? I’m all alone this year and need a nice man to love me and tell me I’m beautiful! Can you do that?

Oh there’s one other thing you’ll need to do if you want to be my Valentine! You’ll need to eat my shit!

I pushed out a nice big load of shit this morning and I’ve been saving it for you! Do you want it? Do you want to eat it? Mmm yes! Taste my shit, Valentine! Suck on it like a cock! Let’s have some shitty fun this year! We can go to a fancy restaurant where I’ll make you eat my poop! Taste every bit of my delicious turds! Then you’ll need to lick and suck my poopy fingers clean after you chew and swallow my shit! You’re such a good shit eating Valentine!


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