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I’ve Fed Hundreds My Shit! Over 1000 Logs With Loverachelle2

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I’ve Fed HUNDREDS My Shit! Over 1000 Logs with LoveRachelle2 [UltraHD/4K / 2020]

LoveRachelle2 Shit video

I’m so hot to be sharing my shit with you– you should feel honored to be one of the hundreds of hungry mouths I’ve fed my shit! I’ve been selling my shit for 4 years now, and literally EVERY single shit sells. And when you normally shit every day, or every other day, all that shit adds up to.. a HUGE amount of crap! I poop a BEAUTIFUL turd into a plastic container that I’ll mail to you, and tell you how to eat it–but not before I tell you how it smells, and tastes–and EAT SOME MYSELF! Delicious!! I have the yummiest “chocolate” out there

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