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Come Join Me In The Gutter With Loverachelle2 Fart Girl [Ultrahd4k]

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Come Join Me In The Gutter with LoveRachelle2 Fart Girl [UltraHD/4K]

I’m excited to shit for you.. I even held it in to make it bigger (which I NEVER do, aren’t you lucky?) so I know you’re going to like my load! I flaunt my cute butt and my sweet innocent dress… as I let out all these stinky pre-poop farts. Pee-ew! I lay down on my tummy and push out a long log and follow up with a bunch of messy little poops… I’m SO messy back there!! I wipe and show you the mess…

Now it’s time for you to enjoy my shit Make sure to follow all my naughty instructions.. I know you’re going to love it! I tasted it myself

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