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SamanthaStarfish – Cow Girl Shit Eater

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SamanthaStarfish – Cow Girl Shit Eater

SamanthaStarfish eat poo video

My first time swallowing shit!

Watch this cowgirl dance around her living room in anticipation of fucking a huge toy then shitting on it and fucking it some more!

After dancing around in my cute little cow girl outfit I lube up my big you and ride it like it’s a bull! I fuck all three holes and add in some ass to mouth action!

Then I take a huge dump with my toy in my cunt! I pull out so I can shit on my toy! I pack my fresh warm shit on the toy and mount iyt like I’m hopping on a shit saddle! It feels so good having all that shit fucked into my cunt!

I have started training my gag reflexes so that I can swallow my own shit! I take a little piece of shit, swirl it around in my mouth, and swallow! I gag a little but it goes right down! It feels so good having fresh shit in my belly!

I play my little cowgirl shit games for 20 whole minutes, fucking, eating, sucking, and riding that toy!

I hope you enjoy the fun!

Love, Samantha


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